First Visit

There are two options for scheduling your first visit:

  1. Consultation only– A 30 minute appointment consisting of an X-ray, pulp vitality testing, and a clinical evaluation explaining your diagnosis and treatment options.  If our doctor determines root canal treatment is recommended you will be offered to schedule to come back to have the treatment done on another day.
  2. Evaluation and same day treatment– If your general dentist has already determines that you need a root canal we can schedule the treatment directly. This appointment is generally 2 hours.  We will start with an evaluation to ensure the root canal is necessary and if so treatment will begin at this visit.

Please follow these guidelines in preparation for your appointment:

  • Complete the online patient registration forms found under the Patient Registration Forms.
  • Bring your referral slip from your general dentist.
  • Take all routine medications except for pain- it may mask symptoms and hinder diagnosis.
  • Eat a normal meal before your appointment.
  • Alert the office if you have any allergies to latex or medications.
  • Provide dental insurance information to be applied to your visit.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under 18


We will contact your general dentist to try and obtain any recent x-rays. Often times we will take our own x-rays as well to aid your diagnosis.